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CVS Western Australia Sites

CVS formerly known as Echo Services was established in 1997 with two staff operating out of two small rooms at Hollywood Private Hospital. In 1999 the practice relocated to the newly developed Hollywood Specialist centre cementing its niche in the cardiology specialty of echocardiography in Western Australia. CVS now has sites across Western Australia and Victoria

Practicing what they preach, pictured are staff from CVS, their families and friends, who ride regularly.

Cycling uses all major muscle groups, making it a great workout for the heart and lungs. Regular cycling can reduce risk of heart disease and is a low impact method of exercise. Before using your motor vehicle consider getting your bike out and enjoying the fresh air and exercise.
Many people are becoming aware of the personal benefits associated with cycling such as better health and well being. The CVS crew, who also love the social aspect of riding, are among the many people of Perth who can be seen regularly cycling throughout the metropolitan area and hills of Perth.  

Staff and friends of CVS before a ride

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